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We operate in the main markets in Europe

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We embrace disruptive ideas and lateral thinking

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Customer-Oriented Logistics

Our customized solutions often involve multiple transfers

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About Us

Our expertise covers the entire repertoire of international trading – from cargo origination to storage, logistics, shipping, distribution. We are Champ Global Trading AG, your next trade house of choice, offering you a broad variety of opportunities in the agricultural and petroleum segments.

We provide key services in agricultural trading (with a focus on the Black Sea area) and a whole range of oil wares (from heavy fuels to light products, including a diversified selection of distillates). We operate in the main markets in Europe – from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea space to the Northern countries.

Our sustainable growth is based on our everyday ethos:

  • Optimize delivery time and reduce costs
  • Invest and keep the logistics sharply up-to-date
  • Embrace the new technologies and use the best-suited financial tools available

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What We Stand For

  • We believe in growing together with our partners, acting as pioneers in developing smooth, consistent and profitable trade flows.
  • Our guiding values are integrity, confidentiality, respect and loyalty.
  • We aim to become the best company to work for: staying open to new ideas and helping our people reach their full potential.
  • We are committed to keeping the environment clean and safe.
  • We are driven by the spirit of friendly competition, morality and entrepreneurial spirit.

Why Us ?

We create dynamic and cost-effective trade flows.

We embrace disruptive ideas and lateral thinking. It is our belief that challenges are in fact enablers of great opportunities. This belief shaped our identity as a company and helped us build new, profitable trade flows. Through our expertise and dedication, through partnerships, close connections and a deep understanding of the market and of business environment specifics, we always turn provocative situations into profitable, long-term business agreements.

Such a process is not simply a possible scenario, but a regular one, because of our people – creative minds, working together, empowering and completing each other, brainstorming new paths and patterns. However, once a new project is embraced, the team switches on clockwork mode, relying on the well-established structure and highly organized procedures to flawlessly deliver within the deadlines.

While the company policy is to stay open to new ideas and always welcome fresh approaches, the very same policy steers clear away from unnecessary risks. We take legal, financial and operational matters very seriously and established a thorough set of procedures regarding financial background checks and risk management, to prevent unwanted issues.

Customer-Oriented Logistics

Deliveries across the globe always raise challenges, especially in meeting deadlines. This is why we built our Logistics team as a dynamic, innovative, passionate and experienced crew, able to design safe and reasonable outcome for every client. Our customized solutions often involve multiple transfers through ships, railways and trucks, saving both time and money.


Healthy Financial Approach

Aiming to maintain a resourceful and adaptable behavior, we use a wide range of financial instruments and have the advantage of being endorsed by strong, long-term, significant financial partnerships. In order to keep the fast pace of our range expansion, we designed specific strategies, to best suit certain products or areas and the results are outstanding. For each new partner and transaction, the financial approach is tailored to the specifics. We make sure that each solution follows the risk management company policy, a fact which enables us to guarantee financial security of our trades.


Focus On Profitability

Our business strategy is to favor long-term, sustainable trade flows over attractive one-time deals. “Build fast, but build to last" - means we constantly approach new markets and new producers, to increase the cost efficiency both for our company, and for our partners.


Corporate Governance

Our team is the most important of our assets. Our people enabled the company to have the good reputation, excellent financial background, extensive trading experience and a spotless record. The core team laid the foundation on which we built, upholding corporate responsibility, good communication and healthy risk management. Every new addition to the crew advocates the same values and principles, believing in the same “secret" of success: best practice. Despite the creativity and dynamism of our people, they maintain the safest route, never courting unnecessary risks.


Physical Trading

We trade oil products in Northern Europe and in the Black Sea / Mediterranean basin areas (EMEA space). An important section of our portfolio is dedicated to light products: LPG and gasoline blend stocks exports, tailored to our partners' needs. The blending technology makes light products an excellent car fuels source. The main section covers the distillates: gasoline, jet and diesel. We design the sourcing and distribution routes for our partners taking into consideration various specifics, such as international, national and regional rules and regulations.


Our Product Range


We trade Propane and Butane – in mixed variations or fully separated. We can deliver them in the required proportions, keeping the pricing flexible. Our operations cover the Black Sea states, sourcing LPG from Kazakhstan.



Through our cost efficiency politics, better logistics and pricing mechanisms, and zero price exposure (due to improved stock management), we are able to deliver sharp and very profitable trade flows. The 92, 95 and 98 Gasoline is sourced from Eastern Europe countries for further deliveries.



Our traders operate with custom-sized ULSD cargo (60 to 30.000 mt). We have a broad and diverse source area – from the Mediterranean basin to India and Turkmenistan, this sourcing strategy allowing us to offer highly competitive prices to our customers.


Fuel Oil

Our regularly scheduled deliveries, well-established supply flows and flexible pricing made us a top-choice partner for marine bunkering companies. Thus, we can guarantee the quality of an entire variety of delivered products. Sourced in Eastern Europe for customers in the Black and Mediterranean Sea areas, Baltic states and ARA region, our fuel oil ranges (at various viscosity) from 1 to 3.5% sulfur.


Agricultural Products

We trade a wide selection of grains (wheat, corn and barley included), cotton, sugar, coffee, cacao, oils, oil seeds (also soybeans and soft seeds) and oil seed products, (including edible oils). Our experts have developed a very consistent network of agricultural suppliers, sourcing products from farmers and farmer associations, but also from local exporters and global operators. The wares go mostly to the food industry, through local importers and purchasing organizations.

We always identify attractive opportunities for investments in agricultural commodity and what we offer is not only trading, but also supply chain management expertise.

The value we bring to our partners and the professionalism of our people are just two of the reasons we are always joined by manufacturers, marketers, investors and food producers for new trading agreements. Our market analysts' reports always point out new sustainable and profitable opportunities.


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